Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In the Fortress of Solitude

Lonely, lifeless, cold, blue
Absent of joy, missing you
I walk the halls assailed with guilt
Within this citadel I built.
Helplessly strong in weakness,
Uncomfortable in meekness,
Confused by the certainty
Of emotions contradictory,
Desires cherished deeply,
And conclusions elementary.
But fortunate my contrite heart
Drawn to she who plays the part,
Forgiving errors, lapses, blunders,
But through my absence wonders
Does her hero feel the same?
Yes darling, and that's my aim;
Show you that nothing has changed
And if our lives were rearranged
My touch would grow more tender
As my heart I would surrender.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Crazy Like Us

I have to wonder if you’re real
You are so fucking cool
I truly never met a girl like you
Words like “me”, “you”, “her” and even “him”
Are passed between us with ease
I ask “What if?”
You answer “Why not?”
Two brats getting along
Like peas in a pod
You want what I want
And I want you
We are starting to need each other
But who could possibly understand
Two crazy people like us
You really are mine
And I really am yours
But both of us free
And respecting that freedom
Because it makes us beautiful
"No pressure"
I agree
"Infinite possibilities"
A vacation from ordinary people
No broken hearts
No one gets hurt
Going as deep as we can
In our special circle
And that’s the way our love goes

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Big Bang

More than a Theory

It all started with curiosity
That gave way to interest
Then a spark of desire
A moment later


It forever destroyed the barriers
Between our old worlds
And our imaginations
Thus creating our new world
And everything in it
Here we are safe
Free to shed our secrets and our clothes
Flying above the petty concerns of lesser flesh
Mocking the birds beneath us
It’s not air that gives us flight
It’s love

She Loves This Song

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To Lois From Clark


Remember when you said “all is fair in...”? Turns out that you are undoubtedly the fairest of them all. From jump I said I wasn’t giving us up, but you are the one that showed us the way to make this work. You are a very special lady and we are grateful for what we have.

From Us (For Us)

If you could see what I feel
When I think into your heart
It’s a connection so real
And we had it from the start

I’ve been strong for you since the day we met
Even as you put your cheek on my chest
But I’m weak for you because you never forget
A man’s heart beats beneath the letter “S”

Sharing love and respect and that's no lie
But let me tell you the secret of just how I fly
You got into my belly and began to multiply
Now a million little wings make me the master of the sky
But these are special little beings and here's the reason why:
Each one is a miniature of you, my precious Blue Butterfli

When it comes to flirting there's no shame in my game.
But your heart is no toy so you won’t find me acting lame.
I may wear a cape but there has never been a mask
You can count on me; any situation, however big the task
The heart stuff: Puh-lease girl, you know I feel for you
The hard stuff: I’ve got your back, that’s the deal with you.
But I thank you for the way you made the fantasy real
So you will always have the heart of the man of steel

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To Clark From Lois

You are my constant:
like the threehundredsixty
ceaselessly existing
invariable degrees
of a perpetual
platinum circle...
no ending/no beginning
incessantly unremitting
flawlessly continuous

You are the one thing
in my crazy world
that remains the same
forever unchanged, and
we are loving
in depths that are
deeper than oceans
and as limitless as the
heavens are high

A day without you
would be to me
like a day without
Sunshine or butterfliez, and
although it's true
I could exist without you
in my life; honestly,
I hope I never have to

Jokes and shameless
flirting aside,
from the moment our
vibes initially entwined
you have been
my constant...
time after time after time
consistently, (Hey you)

Have I told you today how beautiful you are to me?



After reading that I was so moved. I had to come up with something so I just described the image in my mind.

I stand here, looking at this monument you have erected and I see your face reflected on the polished surface of the obelisk. The stone, like you, is of the rarest kind; black marble with gold veins. As I read the words chiseled on the smooth black surface they are transferred to my flesh. A lyrical testament forever etched on the heart of the man of steel. As a gentle breeze catches my cape as I open my mouth to speak but my vocabulary is reduced to one word.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Reaction to "Dream Catcher"

"sweetly whispering
all of the sinsual things
you'll freely do, IF
I promise to come for you"

Like that phone conversation we had where you... made such beautiful noises. Promises were unnecessary as we both came.

I love the way you 'tweak' me.
I love the fact that I'm more than just a fantasy.
I love the way you moan when I bite your lip.
I love the way we move when my hand goes on your hip.

I'm glad to know that I'm always a part of you.
You had two but look again, I'm the 3rd tattoo.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Quickie

I’ll be on the bottom when you want to rodeo
Or I can be on top and we can see how deep I go
It really doesn’t matter what we do to bust a nut
Any way you want, I’ll even put it in your ___


I’ve got a few more verses but I have to cut it short
I don’t want any trouble so for now I will abort
But my mission isn’t over, after ten lets rendezvous
Away for all these posters; let’s just make it me and you

Thursday, October 05, 2006

To Competition

I hope you understand this isn’t just some game
The stakes are pretty high and your M.O. is kinda lame
That green stuff in your pocket that you call kryptonite
Is really silly putty so next time get it right
You can head on out to Krypton the planet where I’m from
And sit there and wait for real Kryptonite to come
In the meantime I’ll be talking grown folk talk with Lois
Keep playing with yourself til you have the real deal to show us

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Into E.D.’s World (I Exit)

Sheltering in more than fanciful imagination
Your urgent need is my cape
Giving me the power of flight
Your wish propels us both
It shapes my existence in your world

Caress your fantasy
And our tomorrow looks like forever
Whisper your desires
And I become as hard as steel
Express yourself
And I feel you completely
And your vision colors my world
And I am alive

But your doubts have power too
As the sand slips between your fingers
And I try to engrave your true initials on my flesh
You melt the heart of the man of steel

So this much seams obvious
I must BECOME invisible

Last Night


You deny what happened last night
Then write something so beautiful today
How do you do that?
Oh I know
And I can’t stop smiling
You tripped over your owns thoughts
For the record
I do want to hug you
I do want to kiss you
And yes I love...
...Your dirty thoughts
And the feeling when you flap your tiny wings
You are so cute
Too cute for words


PS: Now that you have a new camera, I dare you to do that thing in the bathtub. Remember what we talked about? :-)

Good thing you caught that! Thx

Sorry it came out last night
I guess I was going too fast
But you caught it
Then you ordered me to put it back in
I love it when you talk to me like that
Truth or dare?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Butterfly Kisses

Yesterday I came to your rescue
But you didn't need saving
You just needed to know that I cared
I should have stayed connected
But I got so busy saving that I went off to save the world
I even saved a kitten in a tree
Wrote some “fli” poetry
And even got some work done at my day job
I got so busy I didn't get to check in on you
And you probably felt a little down
I'm not making excuses
I'm apologizing
I'm sorry I didn't make more time for you
My work was far from done
And I crave the opportunity to kiss your collarbone
So as you rest your head tonight
Rest assured I'm aware of my shortcomings
Super means remembering the little things too
Like random kisses when you least expect but need them most
And giving you butterflies

Monday, September 25, 2006

I guess girls need toys too

The Other Guy

You said “dinner was good. The conversation great”
I kinda get the feeling you didn’t get home too late
And he didn’t spend the night so it all sounds very lame
If that was our first date, I’m a man you couldn’t tame
I’d take it back to your place and rock you through the night
I’m not just Superman, I’m the man who does it right
Once I start between the sheets, just believe there is no stoppin
Your date wasn’t even Batman, just his little sidekick Robin
I’m not mean or disrespectful so you know it’s all in fun
I’ll be the first to wish him luck if you decide that he’s the one
I just hope he understands that pleasing you takes more than myth
You’ve got seventy-two inches but what’s he working with?
Now I know your saying “damn, that’s kinda cold”
But we both know you love your men a lil bad and very bold
So enjoy your lil boy-toy and call me when you’re done
Your not just Lois Layne my dear, you’re my Wonder Woman